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Colon hydro therapy

The colon hydro therapy, also known as intestinal rinse, can contribute to the healthy preservation of the large intestine by eliminating of all slags in the intestinal pockets. Especially if you are on a cleanse this treatment can be of a great support to finally purify the large intestine from putrefaction products and fermentational leftovers. The intestine plays a key role to the admission of trace elements, mineral and nutrients; also several important vitamins can be formed in his healthy bacterial flora.

It is the control room of our immune system – 85% of the human immune system is placed in the bowel. Hence, it is essential to keep the mikrobioma – the composition of the intestinal flora – in its natural biological balance. As soon as the intestine is weakened in his function or disturbed by defective removal of food remains, it comes to an aggregation of fermenting, and decay poisons. The results are bloatings and intestinal gases.

The modern intestinal shower:

the colon hydrotherapy

In the past the colon hydrotherapy has been connected with rather unpleasant experiences which involved enema syringes. But this effective method itself experienced further technological adjustments which made the treatment far more convenient now.

A microbiological faecal analysis beforehand can determinate the individual state of microecology in the small intestine and large intestine, and to tune all steps individually. A special set of herbs put together can be fully recommended to accomplish the colon hydrotherapy and a colon massage.